All pictures  Copyright of ICE Productions Ltd HOW THE RF-GOLF BALL & LOCATING SYSTEM WORKS



The RF-Golf™ Ball Locating System

Leading edge Patented RF Technology using advanced electronics enables the RF-Golf Handheld Locator to receive a specific Radio Frequency (RF) signal transmitted within the golf ball by means of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag.

Clear visual indication on the Handheld Locator allows the golfer to easily locate lost RF-Golf balls by walking in the direction of play and observing the signal strength on the user friendly display.

The RF-Golf Ball’s transmitter (RFID Tag) is automatically triggered on striking the ball with the club and can be readily deactivated during play or when not in use by means of a magnetic device built into the handheld.


The RF-Golf™ Ball

The RF-Golf Locatable Ball is unique in concept and compares favourably to other non-locatable balls.

RF-Golf Balls are manufactured to a high standard and have been thoroughly tested for durability and performance parameters including, carry, distance, roll, and dispersion accuracy.

The RF-Golf Balls are also designed to USGA specifications for size, weight, distance initial velocity and symmetry.

The embedded RFID Tag within the ball has a minimum life of 100 hours and withstands repeated blows from a golf club without impairing its performance.

A 30 minute shutdown timer is also incorporated into the ball to maximise battery life.















RF-Golf™ Ball Locating System