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Golfers can get tired of losing golf balls and frustrated in adding penalty points on their score card. This is where the RF-Golf’s unique and innovative Radio Frequency Ball Locating System is the answer. It can locate the RF-Golf ball in play quickly and easily.

The RF-Golf Handheld ball locator is lightweight and ergonomically designed with a user friendly signal strength display. It has a detection range of 50 metres and can locate the RF-Golf ball to within a metre. The signal strength increases the closer the ball is.

Active Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) Technology is used in locating lost RF-Golf balls, saving time and reducing penalty strokes thus resulting in lower scores.

The RF-Golf ball is designed to provide at least 100 hours of continuous signal transmission, which will usually exceed the physical wear life of time experienced in normal golf play.


                                                                       RF-Golf™ Ball Locating System

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