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About the RF-Golf™ System



What is the range of the RF-Golf™ Ball Locating System?

50 metres and can locate the RF-Golf ball to within a metre.

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How long will each RF-Golf™ Ball last before locating performance is impaired?

Each RF-Golf Ball is designed to provide at least 100 hours of continuous signal transmission, which is comparable to the physical wear life of any conventional golf ball.

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How is the RF-Golf™ Ball activated during play?

The RF-Golf Ball’s transmitter (RFID Tag) is automatically triggered on striking the ball with the club. The ball can be tested for activation by dropping it onto a hard surface from a height of 1 to 2 metres.

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How is the RF-Golf™ Ball deactivated when located or at close of play?

Inside of the RF-Golf Handheld is a magnetic device that de-activates the RF-Golf Ball when placed within one centimetre. This can be observed by the diminishing signal strength on the Handheld unit upon successful ball de-activation. A 30 minute shutdown timer is also incorporated into the ball.

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How is each RF-Golf™ Ball identified during play or located within the same search area?

RF-Golf Balls are numbered (or can be uniquely marked) on the outer cover in the same way as a conventional golf ball. The RF-Golf Ball Locating System does not distinguish between different RF-Golf Balls and will therefore locate the closest first. Once an RF-Golf Ball is located it can be deactivated and subsequent balls located and de-activated in the same way.

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RF-Golf™ Ball Locating System